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Solving Your Everyday Problems

Information is knowledge and knowledge is power - IF you can get it and use it faster than your competition.

Psychic Psearch for the IBM AS/400 puts power in your hands by helping your applications access the information you need faster than ever before, without heavy investment in software development and hardware.

Think about this...

A clerk enters 84 orders a day at an average of five minutes per order. Of the five minutes, four are spent searching for products. What impact would reducing the average order processing time to one minute have? What would the cost savings be for every $10K of order desk salaries? How can you measure the cost of lost sales because the clerk could not find a product? How can you measure the cost of a disgruntled customer who waited 5 minutes because the clerk could not find a product? What about the one who didn't wait? What is the company wide cost of search delays in all areas of the company?

(And if it's hard for your own employees to find records... don't even think about implementing "self-serve" applications at kiosks or via the internet - your prospective customers won't be able to find the products they want to buy. They'll get frustrated and go somewhere else.)

One of the most common problems of information systems is the inability to quickly locate data stored as names, comments, descriptions and other text. When you need to retrieve this information it can be elusive because the people who input data are not as exact as computers and computers are not as flexible and intuitive as people.

Solving this problem with brute force through system upgrades and a typical query language is possible but can be very expensive. For each search request by each user, the query has to read every single record in the related database table every time! Even then records are missed due to the use of short forms and errors in spelling or localized terminology. Just entering the SQL string required to find all the combinations can be a difficult task. In addition, the response time impact on other users during the SQL request processing has it's own enormous cost.

Problem Solved

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