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Problem Solved!

At Results First Inc. we believe in using smart solutions to provide you with products that help solve your everyday problems so you can concentrate on the strategic initiatives of your company.

Psychic Psearch is an ingenious product designed specifically to solve one problem - how to find data stored as names, descriptions, comments, and other text in your DB2/400TM database. It does this one thing, and does it best.

Whether your applications are package (J.D. Edwards, BPCS, MAPICS, etc.), or custom (hand crafted or generated through a tool like Synon); Whether they are AS/400 host based, cooperative, or client/server or browser/server (using the AS/400 as the database server); You can super charge them all by integrating Psychic Psearch for all your text based data retrieval needs. Save time, save money, and get an edge on your competition. (Not to mention major kudos from your users and management.)

Application software vendor inquiries welcome. Using Psychic Psearch in background mode you can maintain your own image while giving your application a serious competitive advantage that comes with easy text retrieval at blinding speed using insignificant memory and CPU cycles.

Psychic Psearch - "Fast and Easy"

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