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Super Fast Text Search Engine Program Generator for the IBM iSeries

IN NO TIME You can generate a complete search facility over any iSeries database table and tailor it to your user requirements. Create one over your product master, another over customer and ship to masters or vendors, more over order detail or history data; as many as you need. You can even create different tailored searches over the same data.

INSTANTLY Using a revolutionary searching technique Psychic Psearch will instantly retrieve records containing all of the search words specified - no matter how many records are in the file.

LOW OVERHEAD Our searches use so little memory and CPU resource you can have as many people as you want using them on-line without even noticing.

BRILLIANT That's what they'll be saying about you when you easily integrate Psychic Psearch with your custom or purchased applications, on-line or in batch.

SEEING IS BELIEVING Get your free trial copy today. Remember the last user request to do text search on-line that was turned down? Be a hero, change that no to a yes and give your users the productivity boost that comes from being able to find what they're looking for.

Sound interesting? Read on;

No matter what your application, (including Data Warehouse/Marts, ERP, Internet, or Intranet/Extranet), what the front end is, custom or package... if the database server is an AS/400 you can deliver state-of-the-art data access capabilities that will magnify the benefits of your application many times. With a fully documented API, integrating Psychic Psearch with your applications is trivial.

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