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Executive Briefing

Why should you make "search enabling" your database applications and web site database links with Psychic Psearch a priority?

  • LEVERAGE EXISTING INVESTMENTS in your AS/400 hardware and software. You don't have to have someone write new and complicated software for you. You don't have to migrate to a new platform and operating system or buy more hardware. You can even "Web-enable" your AS/400 applications with a Browser or Java interface and still enjoy the ease and speed of Psychic Psearch combined with the reliability and security of the AS/400. "State of the Art" isn't really all that far from where you are now. Do more with what you've got.
  • INCREASED SALES come from staff and customers actually being able to find what they are looking for quickly. More sales for you, less for your competitors. (How often have you gone to a store and asked someone for help and they say "I don't know", "I don't think we sell that", or "If it's not there on the shelf we don't have any." How many times do prospective customers leave your store or Web Site unable to find what they were looking for? Who did they ending up buying it from?)
  • DECREASED COSTS result from improved productivity across the organization as you provide a mechanism for people to actually find those pesky computer numbers (customer, vendor, product, component, service, option, etc.) that the computer demands they have - without chewing up all the system resources or needing special hardware to do it. Get the benefit without big additional outlays in programming or hardware. Improved productivity can also lead to more sales as your staff will spend less time looking for computer numbers and more time actually helping the customer. A further decrease in costs happens when you are able to put up a Web Site where finding your products is so easy anyone, including first time customers, can find what they are looking for by themselves.
  • IMPROVED PROFIT is kind of obvious but we like to point it out anyway. But really, what can we say? Implement our solution. Sales go up. Costs go down. Profits go up. Beautiful.
  • COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE is a big part of business these days and it can be built in many ways. Price is one way. With reduced costs you'll be able to use this if you want. Service is another. By empowering every person in your company to locate customer, product or other information instantly, and by providing your customers with Web or Kiosk access that they can actually use, your service levels go up. Your customer satisfaction goes up. Your competitors go down. Nice. You can even use some of the savings from reducing costs for extra marketing or customer appreciation activities. Fore!

Sound simple? It is. But don't just take our word for it, send us a message right now and ask for one of our solutions consultants to come out and talk to you about your specific business dynamics and judge for yourself. In the mean time, follow this link to ask yourself these questions then check out our solution.

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