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Some questions you should ask yourself.

Would you like to have...

  • Every staff member, even the newest, able to instantly find any product when a prospective customer asks?
  • Customers feel good about their experience with your company because your staff were "very knowledgeable and helpful" in finding what the customer was looking for?
  • Customers and partners able to use self-serve functions via the Web or in-store kiosks and actually find the product they are looking for?
  • Every employee's productivity boosted by quick access to the data they are looking for (product, vendor, customer, order, etc.) without having to know the secret computer code or navigate confusing category structures?
  • Lower costs and higher profits?

Would you like to avoid...

  • Lost sales (ouch) because staff or a customer couldn't find what the customer was looking for? ("Sorry, I guess we don't sell that.")
  • Customers leaving (your store or your Web site) without buying what they came for because they get tired of waiting or searching?
  • Users frustrated because they can't find what they are looking for in the complicated tree structure navigation method someone thought up?
  • Your competition racking up sales that should be yours? ($%#$!)
  • Higher costs and lower profits?

If you answered NO to these questions, we can't help you. On the other hand, if you answered YES! to these questions, you are going to really like what we can do for you. Click here to go back to Executive Notes.

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