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Lansing Buildall / Revy Home Centres

Lansing Buildall was acquired by West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. through it's subsidiary West Fraser Mills Ltd. which also owns and operates:

  • Revelstoke Home Centres
  • Revy Home & Garden

Revelstoke owns and operates eight Revy full-service warehouse stores and 41 retail home improvement centres, of which 31 are in British Columbia, 15 in Alberta, two in Saskatchewan and one in Manitoba. Revelstoke also has distribution centres in Langley, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta and a wholesale lumber trading division. Revy is in the process of constructing additional warehouse stores in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Abbotsford, British Columbia and in Calgary, and has acquired several store sites in larger urban centres in western Canada. Revelstoke's total retail sales floor space is approximately 2.2 million square feet (not including Lansing Buildall).

Mike Imbert, the Manager of Systems Development at Lansing Buildall ordered Psychic Psearch in September of 1998. Mike's staff were undertaking a re-write of the company's Order Entry system and saw a perfect opportunity to design in the powerful text indexing functions of Psychic Psearch from the start.

  • Retail stores typically stock over 20,000 items at any given time from and total list of over 40,000. In the corporate office the total SKU count is over 100,000 items because different items are sold in different parts of the country. Staff at over 60 stores will be able to find what their customers are looking for quicker and easier when the new system is rolled out in 1999.
  • At the corporate offices the SKU search by description functionality will be integrated with Purchasing and Accounts Payable functions plus a number of other areas where Mike thinks access by words and descriptions rather than just numbers can make people more productive.

Across the Lansing, Revelstoke, and Revy operations Mike expects over five hundred people to benefit from improved data access when the applications are rolled out.

Check out Lansing Buildall / Revy Home Centres on their home page.

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