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Language and Platforms


Psychic Psearch is published in English only. The API (Application Program Interface) may be used in conjunction with custom user interfaces to provide support for other languages. It is the user's responsibility to determine whether the product is suitable for their purposes prior to ordering.


Psychic Psearch is available for the IBM AS/400 platform (CISC or RISC models) running OS/400 V2R3M0 or higher for CISC; and V3R7M0 or higher for RISC. An RPG compiler is required for the development system. No special run time requirements.

Psychic Psearch can be implemented in a Client-Server, Browser, or Java® based application where the AS/400 is used (as a minimum) as a database server. If you have a specific situation you would like to discuss please Contact Us.

Other Languages and Platforms

Proposals for funded translation to other languages or migration to other platforms should be sent to:

VP of Sales and Marketing
Results First Inc.
PO Box 63
Bolton, ON
Canada L7E 5T1

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