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AS/400 Database Text Search Program Generator

Psychic Psearch is an ingenious product developed specifically for the IBM AS/400 to solve one problem - how to find data stored as names, desciptions, comments, and other text. It does this one thing, and does it best. Psychic Psearch was designed by senior technical staff, with no less than fifteen years experience with the AS/400 and it's predecessors, to do this job.

A feature rich product, Psychic Psearch installs in minutes and is simple and easy to use. You select the database table and fields you want to be able to search and it will generate a powerful customized search facility you can use to improve any application in no time. (Then you can create a search over another table, and another, and..)

Psychic Psearch features:

  • Low overhead, lightning fast
  • Special character handling definition
  • Character string exclusion
  • Synonym definition
  • Optimized for remote device support
  • Single or multiple select and return function
  • String scanning and generic keyword searching
  • SAA compliant subfile displays or data queue use
  • Join files supported
  • Fully documented API for easy integration
  • Works with Synon generated applications
  • Can integrate with J.D. Edwards "One World" ERP system
  • Integrates easily with Internet/Intranet initiatives

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