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Our key mission at Results First Inc. is to help organizations leverage their investment in the world leading IBM AS/400 technology to improve productivity, service, and reliability while reducing costs. The goal is to help corporations maximize the value of their business software applications, (including Internet/Intranet and Extranet, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Data Warehouse / Data Mart solutions), through improved data access.

Psychic Psearch was first released in 1991 and was the result of an R&D effort undertaken to resolve a pervasive problem - computers requiring users to remember numbers or hunt through hierarchical class structures to locate data. Simply put, users want to be able to quickly locate data using words, names, phrases, parts of descriptions, etc., in an online environment regardless of the number of records in the file.

Managers of IT who experimented with query mechanisms (OPNQRYF, RUNQRY, SQL, etc.) found the resource drain on the AS/400 to be too great when performing content ("contains" or "like") queries against large files.

Psychic Psearch was developed specifically to meet the seemingly opposing demands of fast, easy text based search of large databases and low resource consumption. Judging from the response we get from customers, it "hits the nail on the head". Customers include companies like Canadian Tire Corporation, CE Franklin Ltd., Primco, Baker Oil Tools, and Lansing Buildall/Revy Home Centres, to name a few.

At Results First Inc. we specialize in showing organizations how to use the product Psychic Psearch to "search enable" applications that are AS/400 based or client-server/web applications that use the AS/400 as a server. You'll quickly see how you can use this proven technology to remove obstacles to employee productivity and develop intuitive self-service applications for your customers and partners.

By making it easier for users to locate what they are looking for (part, product, service, location, customer, vendor, person, document, etc.) you can leverage your existing technology investments and make your applications more effective. More effective applications can help improve productivity, user satisfaction and profit.

Sometimes just a little change can make all the difference. Click here for our no risk free trial.

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