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Canadian Tire Corporation

Over the years Canadian Tire has become one of the most successful and widely recognized businesses in the country. Canadian Tire Corporation is made up of three businesses: Canadian Tire Retail, Canadian Tire Financial Services, and Petroleum.

"Canadian Tire Retail ("CTR") and its Associate Dealers are together Canada's leading hardgoods retailer, offering consumers approximately 55,000 stock-keeping units of Automotive parts and accessories, Sports and Leisure, and Home products.

Canadian Tire Associate Dealers are an integral part of the Enterprise. Associate Dealers have a major financial commitment to the success of the combined Enterprise. They own the fixtures, equipment and inventory of the stores they operate. They run their individual businesses in accordance with the Corporation's overall strategy, which was developed with a substantial contribution from Associate Dealers, particularly in the areas of marketing and merchandising.

In order to deliver quality products at competitive prices, Canadian Tire and the Associate Dealers have long been on the forefront of implementing innovative technology solutions. Over 7 years ago they were one of the first companies to purchase Psychic Psearch and integrate it with a custom AS/400 ERP system they were developing using Synon. The API of Psychic Psearch was used to enable Canadian Tire to create their own bilingual user interface.

Today across the country, there are close to four hundred AS/400's in medium to large and super size Canadian Tire stores. Psychic Psearch is installed on every one of those AS/400's. On the retail floor staff use what they refer to as "Alpha Search" to locate products quickly and easily whenever someone can't remember which of the 55,000+ product numbers is assigned to that item the customer is looking for.

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