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Baker Oil Tools

Gord Flanigan
Baker Oil Tools

Baker Oil Tools Canada has been using Psychic Psearch since 1998.

The product is widely used by the Marketing, Accounting and Materials Management Groups to perform alpha searches over system master files to find items such as Customer Names or Inventory Part descriptions.

Prior to Psychic Psearch employees needed to remember these numbers. This was a difficult task as master files can contain thousands of items. Organizational productivity has increased in 2 major ways:

  • Employees find alpha searches much more intuitive and user friendly
  • The learning curve for new employees has been reduced as they do not need to memorize master file contents

Marketing, Finance and Materials Management would find going back to the 'old ways' very difficult.

Baker Oil Tools operates in the competitive petroleum services industry where customer satisfaction and health/safety standards are of paramount concern. This equates to getting the proper product to the rig site at the right time. Psychic Psearch has permitted our employees to access information in a more timely manner to accomplish these goals.

Check out Baker Hughes Incorporated on their home page.

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