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According to Gisele Nisbet, Inventory Control Manager at C.E. Franklin Ltd., this is what users say about how Psychic Psearch has affected their day to day work;

"How did we ever find anything before?"

Psychic Psearch was installed in 1991 to the Continental Emsco Co Ltd. in-house designed software and on the packaged software of Franklin Supply Ltd. in 1994. The companies were merged in 1995 to become C.E. Franklin Ltd. the leading supplier to the Canadian energy industry. When the company migrated to the JD Edwards' One World ERP system, integrating Psychic Psearch was a requirement from the users.

"When CE Franklin implemented JD Edwards' One World enterprise software, integration of Psychic Psearch was a significant contributor to user acceptance of the total solution. Regarding our use of Psychic Psearch, we have found it to be an invaluable addition to the JD Edwards' One World software. By searching across multiple data fields simultaneously, Psychic Psearch allows our users to locate items from our catalog of 60,000 items much more quickly than with the standard QBE functionality. We continue to be impressed by the power and flexibility of this tool."

Tim Ritchie 
Chief Information Officer
CE Franklin Ltd.

"Access to Psychic Psearch from various functional areas such as sales order entry, purchase orders, or whether entering an inventory adjustment is an enormous time saver. There is no need to remember or memorize numbers."

"Thank You for having developed such a unique and versatile tool."

"I have experienced first-hand the adaptability and versatility of this product. Without a doubt, Psychic Psearch has been a tremendous benefit. The efficiency and effectiveness makes this value-added product my pleasure to highly recommend."

Gisele Nesbit 
Inventory Control Manager
CE Franklin Ltd.

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